For young footballers looking for First Professional Club or Football scholarship abroad.

First, you need to fill in an online cv on this website and make sure you add all the necessary data. This service is free of charge. You will also need to shoot between three to four different games of yours and get it edited and uploaded on YouTube or directly to the website. We will be uploading openings and opportunities from different countries on the website and you can browse through them and you could be on your way to playing professional soccer (Football).

For any football player to be in the game, especially at the youth level, you do not have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest to be successful. At any youth level many players have not fully developed and still have time to grow in height. On the other hand mentally a positive attitude goes a long way in helping not only your game, but your teammates as well. For any young footballers there are other aspects which have to be monitored in order to succeed.

Playing football at any professional level requires hard work, if signing a professional contract is the young players aim, then the hard work will be worthwhile. Hard work includes working on different parts of your game, such as fitness, technique, tactical awareness and other aspects of the game which aren’t your strongest in order to become a better player and stand out.

As professional football can be a relatively short career players need to be at their best abilities at all times in order for them to be recognised and not replaced by other players at youth level. This requires focus and not being distracted by the surrounding environment. To stay at the top of your game you need to work hard on a daily basis and improve on all aspects of your game. This requires learning new things and new ways of training in order to improve yourself physically and mentally..

Yes. Provided you are legally permitted to upload good quality footage of you in action, it is possible that we may be able to showcase it via scoutballers as part of a proposed video section. Drop us a line with the Youtube link if you want to be considered for inclusion in this project when it goes live (full details TBC).

In the first instance, your CV will be able to be viewed by our site staffs, who will be able to rectify any major errors they may spot in your details. Clubs and reputable agents that we work with are able to request players of a particular quality/location/position, and as a general rule of thumb we will let them see your footballing qualities and experience at first, but not your name or contact details, which will only be provided if they genuinely want to approach you. We will not supply any information to any third parties that does not confirm with the law or football regulations (e.g. we will not pass personal contact details of contracted players to other clubs - all approaches would have to be channeled through your existing club).

International Players/Foreign Nationals

No, we are only determined to help the best of African players which we believe have done so much to the world football in the past and with this type of our project we will discover the next generation of players.

We are best placed to assist players in clubs around Africa, Europe, the Americas, Australia and various other territories but for players searching for colleges our focus for now is mainly in the United States.

About Scoutballers

scoutballers receives many business opportunities and we are interested in these. Despite this, due to the volume of emails we receive, we are unable to reply to each one separately.

Currently, scoutballers deal with footballers who are based in Africa and wish to play football around the world. We do not deal with any other sports apart from football which is called soccer in the United States.

YES- We can videotape your games or we take your existing footage and produce a professional video that works, we can record your game or skills with our own professional cameramen OR you can send us your own video for us to edit. We will add professional arrows, text and/or crosshair markers, along with your accomplishments, contact information and key statistics. When we are finished editing, we will send you your personal Youtube link to use and share with clubs, agents, college contacts and others who might be able to help distribute your highlight video. We will even give you one chance to change any element of your video to correct errors or omissions. We want it to be right! we can also record an entire game and put the game online for you and your teammates to watch, for your Recruiting or skills video! If a coach/school is interested, they may want to see a complete game of yours. At scoutballers, we put our games online (Youtube) so you can share instantly and easily! No more trouble with DVD’s not playing correctly or scratched and damaged DVD’s. Everybody can watch games online….from their phones, tablets, computers or Big Screen TV’s! We shoot your games from a high vantage point when possible. If there are stands we get as high up as possible. If there are no stands, we will find a way to get in the air. Quality game picture is important to marketing yourself properly! Start building your game footage ASAP!

YES- We can record and produce your camp experience or locally organized tournaments, we will post information specific to each camp with specific packages for you to choose from.”

Question Not Answered?

YES- We can record and produce your camp experience or locally organized tournaments, we will post information specific to each camp with specific packages for you to choose from.”

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