About Us

Scoutballers is a web platform for football players (professional, aspiring talent or high school student). It is a recruiting bank that has come to provide a lifelong solution to how players are being scouted in Africa.

Scoutballers is specifically designed to provide a link between African players, agents, scouts and club managers. It is a disruptive product that solves the challenge of millions of ambitious football players looking for ways to reach their ultimate dreams of becoming a professional football player a reality.

In addition, our goal is to connect high school student and coaches with each other to have access to thousands of colleges and universities offering football scholarship in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

How It Works

Free Registration

Scoutballers allows players to create a free profile, where they will eventually be able to add their stats, videos, photos and more, players are then able to connect with club managers, agents, scouts across the world by sharing their profiles. Registered agents, clubs, scout and college coaches can filter through our database to find a perfect talent for their club or scholarship program.

Link To The World

What distinguishes us among others is our focus that is directed mainly to help players of African descent and link them to their peers across the world; scoutballers will help you to produce a recruiting video, we can record your games or we take your existing footage and produce a professional video that works.

Explore Opportunities

At scoutballers we do all the hard job by bringing all the opportunities to you on a singular platform, all you have to do is to create your profile and connect. It is for boys and girls football players so NO discrimination.

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